Economic Policy Management Programme (near UG Post Office or UGCS), UG - Legon


EPM Facilities






The EPM-Ghana Programme has a state of the art Video Conference Facility which is used by both the EPM-Ghana students and staff for Video Conferencing with other EPM’s in Africa and other stake holders of the programme. It is also available for rental by the University of Ghana Community and also individuals or organisations outside the University of Ghana Community. PERFORMANCE FEATURES· TANDBERG Codian Universal Port technology ensures each participant receives an excellent experience · Constant high capacity · Bandwidth per site up to 4 Mbps · Video resolutions: 720p at up to 15fps, 480p at up to 30fps · Standard Definition Continuous Presence · Latency below 60ms It is a fully air-conditioned, dual purpose facility. The room can be partitioned easily in no time into two by a curtain which is already in place. It can therefore be used for a simple video conference meeting for a small group of people or used for a larger group of people (up to about 50 people). It has a projector installed and the system enables presentations to be viewed by the other video conference party at the other end and also on the two LCD TVs.